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I dont want to outlaw the whole place to everybody, but if these people come into my back yard and cant be respectful, then maybe we should outlaw everybody. You cant outlaw stupid, interjected one ชุด ว่า ย น้ำ เอว สูง ราคา ถูก other participant glumly. The Forest Service hosted the first Payson meeting in its elaborate process to come up with a plan to protect Fossil Creek, one of two federally designated wild and scenic rivers in the state. The nearly three-hour session brainstormed and debated the creeks future, with suggestions ranging from closing off the road to sharply limiting access to charging fees and building campgrounds to raise money to pay for improvements and patrols. Planning experts hired by the Forest Service hosted the meeting to gather input for a master plan for protection and development, with results due in about 18 months. In the meantime, the Forest Service will continue to ban camping and campfires along the creek, said Payson Ranger District head ranger Ed Armenta. Fossil Creek rose from the dead five years ago when Arizona Public Service shut down a historic hydroelectric plant and returned the travertine-rich flow of water to the creek. The creek immediately became a refuge for native fish and assorted endangered species, as the chemistry of the dissolved limestone in the spring-fed creek set about rebuilding the elaborate dams and drip-castle formations. The stream deposits some 13 tons of limestone every day, building curving dams that create a great chain of pools and weird draperies of stone on the spillovers and waterfalls. Visitors flood to scenic creek The resurrection of the creek has also lured a rising tide of visitors. A weekend survey in August counted 217 cars and 642 people along the creek, 53 percent of them from Phoenix and surprisingly few from out of state. That included a large contingent of people who arrived with coolers of beer to party.

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